The meeting on the 29th August will be a Workshop run by Ken Fisher who is a certified Adobe tutor and trainer.

Members should bring their laptops containing a sample of their own images they could use to work on, edit and improve.

Ken will briefly demonstrate Workflow in the Lightroom Develop Module.

Members can then have a go at editing their own images with guidance from Ken and others like Wendy and Nick if available.

Members can then export their edited images to Ken’s pen drive and we can finish with a viewing and critique.

Other Lightroom experienced users will be around to help with this process.

We are aware that not everyone uses Lightroom but those members could work with those of us that do.

If anyone has any queries or clarification please let Peter know before the event.


It will be lovely to see everyone back following the summer.  You may want to bring images that you took on one of the club summer outdoor meetings.  See you on Wednesday.