We held our first competition of the year on Wednesday. The theme was “Open” the media was print which, could be either colour or monochrome. This brought in a large number of entries from the club members, and as it was an open subject, a very diverse selection of images.

There were quite a number of monochrome images as well as colour. A few years ago we had separate competitions for monochrome and colour. However now either can be entered into the club competitions, as sometimes images are more suited to monochrome. Jeff Cummins was declared as first place, with his monochrome portrait image titled “From Russia With Love”. 

To give new members the opportunity to enter the competitions and gain experience and recognition of heir work, we have the endeavour section. All new members are entered into the endeavour section and when they either win one first overall as an overall winner of the competition two seconds or three thirds they are then moved up into the open section.

The winner of the endeavour section was Adrian James with his monochrome image titled “Winter 201819”