Paul Keene

Wednesday 7th October 2020, a recorded talk by renowned nature photographer Paul Keene FRPS – MPAGB – EFIAP – MFIAP, will be given (via zoom). Paul will be talking about himself along with the photographic equipment he uses, including cameras, lenses etc. He will be talking about the different types of nature photography with a descriptive account of the type of photography he undertakes. This will be followed by a presentation of his work highlighting the different techniques and lenses he uses. This will be a most enjoyable evening.
Paul Keene
Creating our first online Photobook:  Reflections

Creating our first online Photobook: Reflections

 Each year Penistone Camera Club takes part in an inter-club competition with Holmfirth and each year a special subject is chosen as one of the elements within the competition.  This year the theme is Reflections.

Normally only five images would be selected to represent the club, but this year, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, and because we have not been able to meet together, we have been looking for alternative ways to encourage club members to share images, so we’ve decided to put together a book using the online platform ISSUU.

You can view a DRAFT copy of the book here: 

Taking Part

If possible, we’d like everyone in the club to contribute to this publication, the only requirement is that you have a Flickr account.

We would like you to upload a minimum of three images and no more than nine to this Flickr Group page where they can be shared and looked at and commented on:

(If the size of the book becomes too large, then I will need to reduce the number of images included from each person.)

Image size 1600 X 1200

Do I have to write anything?

A title for each photo you submit would be helpful but otherwise whether you want to say anything in writing is entirely up to you.

Final Date

for submitting images: 31 July 2020

Using Flickr to share our images

Using Flickr to share our images

Flickr is a photo-sharing platform and social network where users upload photos for others to see. Users create a free account and upload their photos (and videos) to share with friends and followers online.

I’ve used it for a long time and initially set it up to use with my work with teachers, which is why the address has a `primarygeography’ tagline.  I continued to use it for my own images as I pay the subscription fee, which keeps it advert free and allows me unlimited uploads.  

I usually upload smaller images, initially this was because my internet connection was poor, but also because it is easy for people to copy if you don’t set it up in the way that restricts that happening.  Some of my early images are shared under the Creative Commons Licence so teachers could download and use them.

My Own Flickr Site:  

The site is organised in several different ways.  The main ones I use are the Photostream, where images are displayed in the order they are added (or in date order – you can choose) and the Albums where I gather images together into sets.  

Albums can be gathered into collections but this is more of a hidden feature in the current site.

The Organiser feature is the most important one for setting up the site.  Its use is described on the Flickr help/ forum pages and I will demonstrate it in the ZOOM session I run on `creating albums’.

Penistone Camera Club – Photos we share 

Penistone Camera Club has a group page where 6 images per day can be uploaded.  At this time of lockdown it is one way that we could share our images.  Photos are uploaded from your own pages, so the first thing you need to do is to join Flickr.  

I’m happy to run a Zoom session on using Flickr to help people get started.

The Flickr Help pages are very good.  This one in particular on organising your photos would be a good place to start:


Monday, 13 April 2020 (updated 29/06/20)

Open 3 – 2019

Competition – Open 3

Congratulations to Rethabile Putsoane on winning the Open 3 competition with his image titled “Tenby Night”. Rethabile only joined the club a couple of years ago as a novice photographer. Since joining he has been very enthusiastic with his photography and has developed his skills with a camera. This has been seen with his enthusiasm in entering competitions, not winning in the early days has not put him off, it has made him more determined to go out and achieve a winning shot.

Well done to Peter Mudd in achieving = 2nd place with his image titled “I Need Somewhere To Stay”

Well done to Wendy North in Achieving = 2nd with her image titled “Female Orange Tip with Egg”

Well done to Deborah Webb who achieved = 2nd overall also achieved 1st in the Endeavour section, with her image of “Liverpool Library”

Well done to Adrian James on achieving = 2nd in the Endeavour section with his image titled “If You’re Going to San-Francisco”

Well done to Robert Wood on achieving = 2nd in the Endeavour section with his image titled “Snowdonia”

Well done to Kevin Pawsey on achieving = 2nd in the Endeavour section with his image titled “Cabbage White Rests a While”

Thank you to our judge for the evening Christine Hartley. She had a very hard job trying to find outright winners for 2nd and 3rd places, hence so many equal places. Christines comments were very constructive, which all the members enjoyed as they all took the information on board to try on their next shoots.

Open Competition 5th June 2019

Open Competition 5th June 2019

We held our first competition of the year on Wednesday. The theme was “Open” the media was print which, could be either colour or monochrome. This brought in a large number of entries from the club members, and as it was an open subject, a very diverse selection of images.

There were quite a number of monochrome images as well as colour. A few years ago we had separate competitions for monochrome and colour. However now either can be entered into the club competitions, as sometimes images are more suited to monochrome. Jeff Cummins was declared as first place, with his monochrome portrait image titled “From Russia With Love”. 

To give new members the opportunity to enter the competitions and gain experience and recognition of heir work, we have the endeavour section. All new members are entered into the endeavour section and when they either win one first overall as an overall winner of the competition two seconds or three thirds they are then moved up into the open section.

The winner of the endeavour section was Adrian James with his monochrome image titled “Winter 201819”