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06 Mar


The Annual General Meeting

General Meeting
06 Mar 2024

13 Mar

“Norfolk and Suffolk Through My Lens” - A Personal Reflection by Terri Thorpe

Our very own Terri will share some of her favourite images taken in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Club Speaker
13 Mar 2024

20 Mar

My Photography - Derwood Pamphilon

An illustrated Zoom talk

Visiting Speaker
20 Mar 2024

The Phoblographer

  • 29 Feb 2024
    Small Sensor Cameras Suck; It’s Time to Be Real Here.
    In many of our camera reviews over the years, we've noticed a trend: small sensor cameras are really starting to suck. A good camera does the job you need. But a good camera is also one that you can use repeatedly yet never loses its intrigue. That's the type of camera photographers deserve -- and firmware updates often help with that. But in the past few years, small sensor cameras have lived in the shade cast by the giant redwood trees we can call full-frame cameras. As a result, small sensor cameras are the vines that creep around and climb up the massive trunks of the full-frame camera tech trees, but they never see the sun in the same way.


Light Stalking

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