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Penistone Show Revisted

A look back at the show in 2014

It’s almost time for the annual Penistone Agricultural Show, which this year takes place on Saturday 9th September.  I wasn’t able to attend last year but hope to be there again this year, at least for the morning.  Looking back to the 2014 show I’ve come across a few images that I still rather like and thought it would be a good idea to print them out so they can go on display in the camera club tent.  Hopefully camera club members might have a few more that they can add to the collection.

Inter-club Competition with Stocksbridge Camera Club

Our latest inter-club competition took place last night (Monday 20 February).  Congratulations to Stocksbridge who took the honours for the evening but also congratulations to our members for the images that scored well for Penistone CC.

In our gallery are the images that scored 18 + (out of twenty) in the competition.  Congratulations to Wendy, Clive, David, Peter, Nick and Jackie.  In addition seven more images scored 17 points, including ones by Brian, Nick, Andrew, Julie, Ian and Wendy.

So that’s photographs from ten different authors scoring more than 17 points.   Stocksbridge might have come out with the highest number of marks but they certainly couldn’t claim to have ten authors scoring more than 17 points.  That honour goes to Penistone.