Looking for some inspiration?

Looking for some inspiration?

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  • A New Lightroom is Here (and with it a whole new Ecosystem) 18th October 2017
        It’s been more than two years since we’ve gotten a new version of Lightroom, and I’m very excited to tell you about what’s new, but I have to start by providing some historical context. I also want to give you a heads-up that this isn’t just about a new version of Lightroom; there’s […]
  • When You Might Want to Build 1:1 Previews 17th October 2017
    New Lightroom News Coming? Before we get to our tip: Make sure you check back here tomorrow after Adobe’s MAX keynote in the morning in case there’s some big Lightroom news (historically there usually is lots of Lightroom news at the Adobe MAX keynote, so check back here just in case ). OK, onto our […]
  • Cleaning Up Your Keywords 16th October 2017
    Hi gang, and happy Monday. Just a quickie today, but it’s a handy one if your keyword list has gotten really long because there’s a good chance that a number of those keywords you see in that list, aren’t actually assigned to any photos (something that happens over time as you remove images from Lightroom). […]

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  • Peter Fraser 26th September 2017
    f one wants to take the measure of something, then it is often best to do so from more than one point. More usually these multiple positions occur in space – the same object viewed simultaneously from different places, for example – but they can also occur in time. Let’s consider, for example, something that Peter […]
  • Alexandra Lethbridge 26th September 2017
    n his introduction to Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-Century French Thought, Martin Jay observes that ‘we are often fooled by visual experience that turns out to be illusory, an inclination generated perhaps by our overwhelming, habitual belief in its apparent reliability’. Distinguishing between ‘the “natural” and the “cultural” component in what we […]
  • Mathieu Pernot 26th September 2017
    highlight of this year’s Les Rencontres d’Arles, Mathieu Pernot’s Les Gorgan 1995-2015 welcomed visitors with respectful silence. Hosted under the high ceilings of la maison des peintres, a new venue located near the calm premises of the village cemetery, the exhibition is presented as a multi-layered narrative comprising ten murals each dedicated to members of […]

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  • Five-Year-Old Fashion Photographer Should Be an Inspiration to Us All 19th October 2017
    Jayden Bethea is a toddler on a mission. At an impressively young age of five, Jayden has already discovered and developed an impressive passion for fashion photography. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Selah B. Marie Bethea, Jayden is showing that creating great photography is within the reach of anyone who has a passion […]
  • How to Gain More Engagement on Instagram Using Stories 19th October 2017
    Instagram Stories are here to stay. That is no surprise to anyone. In a recent year-long study, Mediakix, an influencer marketing agency, found what everyone pretty much already knew: Instagram has effectively killed Snapchat Stories with the advent of Instagram Stories. Amongst influencers (and let's be honest, social media Influencers run the social media game), […]
  • More Awesome Photographers Shoot the Same Model: London Edition 19th October 2017
    Hopefully by now people have had a chance to get familiarized with videos that are circulating featuring three to four photographers all getting together for a day and shooting the same model. It's an awesome idea that can really bring together a small group of creatives for a fun and challenging group project and photoshoot. […]

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  • This is How the Nikon D850’s Negative Digitizer Mode Works 19th October 2017
    My name is Richard Haw, and I’m a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. In this post, I’ll show you how scanning film works with the Nikon D850’s unique new “Negative Digitizer Mode.” I have been digitizing my negatives using DSLRs for some time now, using the Nikon Picture Control to get a positive image when […]
  • Photographer Sues the NY Times for Discrimination, Misclassification, More 19th October 2017
    A photographer whose photos have appeared on the front page of the New York Times over 30 times has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper. He accuses the Times of misclassifying his employment status, discriminating against him based on age, denying assignments due to an arrest, and retaliating against him due to making these claims. […]
  • Dying for Likes on Social Media 19th October 2017
    In the usual places we’re seeing the monthly “Urbex (urban exploration) photographer dies in fall” story making the rounds. These are guys that trespass on rooftops, on ledges, in abandoned buildings, and so on, to take photographs. You’ve probably seen their pictures. The peeling paint covered over with graffiti, the rooms filled with mysterious junk, […]
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