Competition entries

Competition entries and rules


  • Club competitions are open to all club members
  • Club competition titles and dates will be circulated to members at the beginning of the competition year (normally in advance)
  • 2019/20 – There will be six club competitions, all competitions will be counted towards the POTY awards (members top scoring 12 images will be counted)
  • There will be a mix of Open and Special Subject competitions.
  • Should it be found that an image entered for a competition is not created by the author then any marks awarded to that entrant in the competition will be deleted.
  • Any images deemed not to fit the category of the competition by the Competition Secretary may be removed from entry.
  • Each digital image: maximum resolution 1400px wide, 1050px high
  • Up to 3 images can be submitted per competition
  • They can be all of the same format (all colour or all mono) or they can be of a mixed format... i.e.
    • one image submitted (either mono or colour)
    • two images submitted (one in colour, one in mono)
    • three images submitted (one in colour, one in mono, third image your choice)
  • Maximum image file size: 2mb (if it’s bigger the upload will fail)
  • Files must be correctly named (images not correctly named may not be accepted into the competition)
  • Images cannot have been submitted within any previous POTY competition
  • The Club reserves the right to publish any submitted images on the club website and to use them within inter-club competitions
  • Images must be your own work
  • Print images must be mounted to a maximum finished mount size of 40cm x 50cm and with a minimum print size of 20cm x 20cm
  • Images may be titled on the front
  • The entrants name or initials must not appear on the face of the print or mount
  • All print competition entries must be accompanied by a matching digital image. See requirements above.
  • All digital images must be submitted online via this form. Entries will not be accepted on memory sticks or by email.
  • Note also, images depicting explicit sexual content, violence, acts of a criminal nature, or racism, etc. may not be accepted.


Club competitions will be split into two sections:


  1. Open: For which all members are eligible. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Places will be awarded to a members highest scoring image.
  2. Endeavour: For which new members to the club are eligible, until such a time they progress to the Open standard. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Places will be awarded to a members highest scoring image.


A member will progress to the Open standard at the end of a competition year after they gain a 1st Open competition position, two 2nd Open competition positions, or, three 3rd Open positions within an competition year. A member will also progress to the Open standard following a win of the Endeavour Trophy.


Competition Submissions


To avoid submission problems for members with slow internet connection you will need to submit each of your images individually. Please fill in the form correctly with all details as we have previously agreed. Your image filenames must be correctly named in the following format…


image number-your initials-image title.jpg


e.g. 01-NH-Sahara Desert.jpg

This website is still in development, at the moment please use the entry form on the following page…