Looking for some inspiration?

Looking for some inspiration?

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  • The Advantage of Opening Your Lightroom Image in Photoshop as a Smart Object 25th July 2017
    Hi, gang – it’s Tuesday, and Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde is here with another 60-second (or less) Lightroom tip. Hope you found that helpful (and thanks, Benjamin). Looking forward to meeting a bunch of you in Richmond tomorrow Got a big crowd tomorrow for my seminar here in Richmond, and then I’m off to […]
  • Monday Lightroom News Stuff 24th July 2017
    Hi, gang – it’s a new week, full of awesome possibilities, and potential. Let’s make the most of it! To kick off our week, here’s some news stuff! Adobe released a Lightroom CC update Standard maintenance update, with bug fixes, some new camera support (like the new Canon 6D Mark II – it’s not even shipping […]
  • Has Adobe Forgotten About Lightroom CC? 21st July 2017
    Ever since Adobe announced a major update to Lightroom Mobile earlier this week (which has been met with much love), I have seen comments to the effect of “This Lightroom Mobile update looks really good, but has Adobe forgotten about Lightroom CC for the Desktop?” and even worse “Has Adobe stopped developing Lightroom for the […]

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  • Peter Watkins 9th May 2017
    29 June – 31 July, 2017 Private view: 6:00-9:00pm, Thursday 29 June (Peter Watkins in conversation with Tim Clark: 6:00-7:00pm). RSVP to Dominic Bell on dominic@webberrepresents.com. 1000 Words is delighted to announce a series of itinerant exhibitions produced in collaboration with featured artists as the organisation approaches its tenth anniversary. Curated by Tim Clark, The Unforgetting […]
  • Ben Burbridge 24th April 2017
    or the latest instalment in our Interviews series Lewis Bush sits down with Senior Lecturer in Art History at University of Sussex, Ben Burbridge. Their conversation takes in aspects of the academic’s long-term collaborative project involving Ph: The Photography Research Network; a forthcoming book that deals with the ways in which photography is directly implicated in […]
  • Mar Sáez 24th April 2017
    lease meet Vera and Victoria – two young women in their twenties; wearing jeans, sneakers, piercings, peeling nail polish of different colours from finger to finger. Two young women in love, the lucky ones. From the very first glance at Mar Sáez’s book with André Frère Éditions, it is hard not to notice how fearless, […]

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  • Happy 100th Birthday, Nikon! 25th July 2017
    Nikon turned 100 years old today. It’s a huge milestone for a company that was born back on July 25th, 1917, as an optics company based in Tokyo, Japan. One century later, the company has become one of the world’s dominant and beloved brands in photography. Here’s what Nikon president Kazuo Ushida had to say today: […]
  • Things You Should Look Out For When Buying a Tripod 25th July 2017
    What makes a good tripod? This 5-minute video from Kai Wong looks at the ins and outs of a photographer’s three-legged friend. In his typical charismatic fashion, Kai makes a seemingly boring topic of tripods light up with his engaging look at the different elements you should pay attention to next time you’re choosing a new […]
  • How to Get Into an Elite Photography MFA Program 25th July 2017
    Over the past two years, I’ve looked for guides and made lots of phone calls to faculty, alumni, and current students to find ways to increase the likelihood of being accepted into a top tier MFA program. Be it Yale, Hartford, RISD, Columbia, Bard — all of these programs have slightly different expectations, but there […]
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