Looking for some inspiration?

Looking for some inspiration?

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  • The Most Common Things Lightroom Hides on You 20th September 2017
    A mainstay of my Lightroom Help Desk experience is helping people find something in Lightroom that has gone missing. Sometimes it’s something small, like an item on the Toolbar, and other times it may be an entire module. All of these, shall we say, features are there to help us customize the experience to our […]
  • Getting Rid of “Pet Red-eye” in Lightroom 19th September 2017
    Yes, there's actually a feature created exclusively for this. I am not making this up. The post Getting Rid of “Pet Red-eye” in Lightroom appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.
  • Another Hidden Lightroom Shortcut for Using The Adjustment Brush 18th September 2017
    This one is really handy (and it's really hidden because it doesn't toggle on/off the feature visibly). The post Another Hidden Lightroom Shortcut for Using The Adjustment Brush appeared first on Lightroom Killer Tips.

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  • Peter Watkins 9th May 2017
    29 June – 31 July, 2017 Private view: 6:00-9:00pm, Thursday 29 June (Peter Watkins in conversation with Tim Clark: 6:00-7:00pm). RSVP to Dominic Bell on dominic@webberrepresents.com. 1000 Words is delighted to announce a series of itinerant exhibitions produced in collaboration with featured artists as the organisation approaches its tenth anniversary. Curated by Tim Clark, The Unforgetting […]
  • Ben Burbridge 24th April 2017
    or the latest instalment in our Interviews series Lewis Bush sits down with Senior Lecturer in Art History at University of Sussex, Ben Burbridge. Their conversation takes in aspects of the academic’s long-term collaborative project involving Ph: The Photography Research Network; a forthcoming book that deals with the ways in which photography is directly implicated in […]
  • Mar Sáez 24th April 2017
    lease meet Vera and Victoria – two young women in their twenties; wearing jeans, sneakers, piercings, peeling nail polish of different colours from finger to finger. Two young women in love, the lucky ones. From the very first glance at Mar Sáez’s book with André Frère Éditions, it is hard not to notice how fearless, […]

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  • What Does Painterly Photography Mean To You? 20th September 2017
    If I asked you what comes to mind when I say painterly photography, what would your answer be? Do you think of technical art school concepts that define the two mediums like abstract versus figurative? Or maybe you think of stylistic photography choices, whether in shooting or post-processing, that give the finished image a timeless […]
  • Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 10.2 Update and New 'Spectrum' Styles Pack 20th September 2017
    Phase One has released a new update for their professional photo editing software, Capture One Pro, bringing additional camera and lens support for the latest gear. The company has also introduced a new, less expensive Styles Pack for color grading your images in Capture One. [ Read More ]
  • How to Become the Best Headshot Photographer in the World 20th September 2017
    After a four-hour trip to London and only being able to catch whatever sleep I could during the uncomfortable journey down, I met with Peter Hurley and immediately felt welcome. For those of you who don't know, Peter Hurley is a headshot photographer based in New York City. Hurley once had a career as a […]

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  • How to Easily Make Photo Selects with a Client Using Lightroom Web 20th September 2017
    You’ve always been able to do selects from Lightroom on the Web, but until now you needed an Adobe ID. Convincing a client or model to sign up for an Adobe ID can be a challenge. Now they can authenticate using either Facebook or Google, making the process much simpler for everyone. If you are […]
  • This Short Film Was Lit Entirely with Drone Lights 20th September 2017
    Using drones to illuminate scenes and subjects using flashes and powerful LED lights is a new trend made possible by the emergence of affordable and intelligent consumer drones. If you’d like to see what the latest experimentation is producing, check out the 2.5-minute short film above, titled “mémoires”. It was lit entirely with drone lights. […]
  • Shooting Boiling Water with a Macro Lens and Colored Lights 20th September 2017
    Recently, I’ve become interested in photographing boiling water in a glass tea kettle. It may sound boring and uninteresting, but with the right lighting, you can get some truly fascinating images. It all began when I was boiling my tea water one day in January this year, and I happened to have my camera with […]
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