Internal competitions

Open Competition Results – May 2017

Congratulations to last nights winners of the first Open competition this competition year.

The winners were…

Open class

Ist place


Darren Green – Liz

2nd place


Wendy North – Sarah

3rd place


Jeff Cummins – Gannet

Endeavour class

Ist place


Darren Green – Liz

2nd place


Mark Slater – Owl Eyes

3rd place


Chris Thompson – Fete

3rd place


Paul Nind – Ullswater

3rd place


Robert Wood – Spring Lamb

Competition scores

Camera Club Dinner 2017 – Congratulations to this year’s winners

An evening of Pie and Peas, or curry for some of us, followed by our annual awards and presentation evening.

Huge congratulations to Wendy North who won the Photographer Of The Year Award.

Photographer Of The Year 2016-2017

Wendy North wins the Photographer Of The Year trophy

Wendy North wins the Photographer Of The Year trophy

  • 1st place: Wendy North
  • 2nd place: Clive Bott
  • Joint 3rd place: Nick Hillman and Peter Mudd

Endeavour Photographer Of The Year 2016-2017

Ian Wilkinson wins the Endeavour Trophy

Ian Wilkinson wins the Endeavour Trophy

  • 1st place: Ian Wilkinson
  • 2nd place: Paul Nind
  • 3rd place: Darren Green

Open Medals of Achievement

  • Highly Commended: Wendy North
  • Commended: Clive Bott
  • Commended: Nick Hillman
  • Commended: Peter Mudd
  • Commended: Brian Parkhurst

Endeavour Medals of Achievement

  • Highly Commended: Ian Wilkinson
  • Commended: Paul Nind
  • Commended: Darren Green



  • 1st – Ian Wilkinson – Hey, Heym we’re the monkeys!
  • 1st – Jackie Ballamy – The Three Sisters, Glencoe
  • 1st – Paul Nind – Brief Encounter


  • 2nd – Julie Ellis – Fading Tulip
  • 2nd – Brian Parkhurst – Liz, Gipsy with pipe
  • 1st – Wendy North – Making a dash for it!



  • 2nd – Ian Wilkinson – Homeward bound
  • 1st – Darren Green – States of water 2
  • 1st – Paul Nind – Tree Cathedral


  • 2nd – Wendy North – Treatment
  • 1st – Brian Parkhurst, Magick Lantern Shot
  • 1st – David White – New Life



  • 3rd – Joy Williamson – View through the window
  • 2nd – Paul Nind – Sleeping it off
  • 1st – Ian Wilkinson – Daddy’s girl


  • 3rd – Clive Bott – Saigon Pedlar
  • 3rd – Julie Ellis – Garlic
  • 3rd – Brian Parkhurst – Castle in the mindmap
  • 3rd – Peter Mudd – Out together
  • 3rd – Paul Nind – Sleeping it off
  • 2nd – Ian Wilkinson – Daddy’s Girl
  • 1st – Wendy North – Small White Butterfly

Our next club meeting – ‘Scapes’ workshop

Cover photo by Jackie Bellamy

The next club competition will be scapes. The submission date is still a few weeks away, so to help you prepare for it, our next club meeting will be a workshop to review your entries and to give advice how they could be improved.

Don’t forget to bring along a selection of images and a laptop if you have one.

The competition guidelines are as follows…


A ‘scape image shows a vista. Included, but are not restricted to, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, waterscapes and skyscapes. An image may include a single tree, building or people – they must not dominate but be part of an overall image providing a mood or atmosphere of the environment captured. (These are the guidelines specified by the YPU for Scapes)

Images that do well in these competitions tend to be moody and atmospheric rather than straight landscape images, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when making your selection.

How about taking a look at these for some inspiration…

The Guardian – Landscape photographer of the year awards – in pictures (includes a fabulous image of the Ribblehead viaduct)

Or head over to National Geographic Photo of the day – Landscapes


Selecting images for next competition

Still trying to find some images for the next open competition (entries due in on Wednesday 8th Feb). So far without much success.

I quite like this image, but I’m not sure what Sally would make of it! Of course it could be improved with some roasties, bread sauce and all the trimmings!

We don’t always choose well

I realised when my tulip came up on screen last Wednesday evening that I probably hadn’t made the best choice when I selected my three images, so I’ve been looking for alternatives.

A mono conversion of my macro wasp image